I hate-love you

by Poetically Vivid   Oct 18, 2016

Being with you is like dancing in a ring of fire. Biting the poisonous apple and enjoying every bite knowing from this I could die, if you broke my heart I would Parrish . I know it's bad to love you but I can't help but catch chills when I'm with you I feel the thrills. Loving you , it's torture someone put a gun to my head in my mind the forced me into your bed where I lay my naked body and a pillow where I place my head. Our lips touch I feel a shock , I wanna be dead straight flat line if with you I'm caught . In a strange way I'd run away with you even though loving you i'm not supposed to but I can't shake the feeling we belong together. I love you, I love you not.... my mind is crazy about you but not my heart is not, I wanna kiss your lips and at the same time slit your wrists. I wanna trust you with my secrets but they're secrets you'll never get , I wanna remember the times we had but I don't reminisce.


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