The Wanderer: Amsterdam

by Marquesas   May 8, 2017

The clouds have a grayish hue, occasionally breaking to reveal shy sun
Canals lined with all styles of homes, with the slightest lean
Almost as if trying to get a better view of the busy pedestrians
Structures of Gothic designs remnants of another age
Some fortunate enough to play host to the most beautiful works of art known to man
Open air markets a part of every day life
A smell fresh bread mingles with a hint of cannabis in the air
People on bikes and foot trying to get from point a to b
Tulips alive and blooming, pink and yellow and purple
Windmills that seem ancient by today's standard
So many different faces, cultures, and ethnicities
Red lights at night with beautiful women behind them
Close and yet miles away
They beckon, as if to say
" Join us, we can make you forget all your worries."
Truly a city with a unique mixture of culture and pleasure


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