Memorial Day 5-29-17

by P.S.   Jul 25, 2017

Remember, Remember
Half Past September
The towers of commerce,
rent asunder.

The fiery flames,
Awakened in bed.
My lovers voice,
Filled with dread.
Awake, Awake she cried
The towers have fallen,
and started to cry.

Wearily I cleared my eyes,
trying to see how many people,
had died.
We watched in confusion,
her head buried in the pillow,
next to mine.

We lost two towers, but
so much was saved
One of the warriors even turned away.
Perhaps his heart was
By the golden promise,
that America made.

Liberty can never truly fall,
When truth and justice reign.
That all men, equally made,
can stand tall and proud,
beneath the crystal waves,
of freedom.

"Free at last, Free at last, Thank God Almighty, Free at last."


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