Crash and burn, dance

by Hope   Mar 9, 2018

Give me away,
what's left for me to fade?
give it all away,
all the wrong way,
'cause by all I see;
what more would I need?
crash and burn
crash and burn
crash and burn
why would I return? the tornado?
why would I follow,
follow you down this road?
dance the last dance,
for only, for only one last chance,
'cause it's so frustrating,
I believe
I believe
I believe
I'll walk away,
'cause the last one,
the last one is always on the run,
in my world, in my world that's begun,
So, spin and turn,
'cause I believe I'll crash and burn,
it's time for me to go,
what a relief,
'cause it never works,
what's worth the hurt?
I can't cope in all this smoke,
what's worth the last hope?
'cause in the end,
I'm here,
no love in the atmosphere,
I'm here,
the last one in the world,
I'm here,
why wouldn't I care beneath these prayers?
light up in the dark,
'cause I'm here in the heart,
in the dark,


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  • 4 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Love this, Hope. Well done.