December Breeze

by Nick   Mar 28, 2018

Somber sweet
December breeze,
Sift unto my skin
with ease.

Bring the crystal crunch
of white.
Lift each spirit
With your might.

Freeze in place the lines we'll make;
as frosty folks

Adorn smiles with your taste,
As sweet delights will be ate.

Amid that wintry starlit awe,
Orion ensures the end of fall.
Pleiades glistens oh so gently;
A sight so merry, it fills my reverie!

Whisper to the chilling cold,
That stubborn air, so proudly bold:
"Bring them flakes and hopeful wake"
So it may snow
So it may hold.


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  • 1 year ago

    by - Mr. Darcy

    This wintry write portrays a snowy filled scene. I imagine walking through the snowfall; the crunch and light flakes flurrying about me. The best thing about being out in the cold snow is returning to a warm fire and tasty treats.

    Thank you for this image.