Black Wings Love

by Healing. The Alaskans Muse.   Apr 19, 2018

There's more to me than what most people realize.
I do my best to not speak on things
I guard my heart but not enough
In reality God's given me wings
(Don't laugh)
Little black wings to help me thru
In case I'm needed to fly high
Above all the deceite in the world
And all the horrible lies
Heard so many years of them my eyes turned as blue as my mood
I'm stronger than I've ever been but im as humble as they come
Waiting with patience till I am found by that one great LOVE.
I still believe in fairy tales
No matter what
Not in fairy tales they tell
But that My Husband will know what I need and want
I just pray your heart stays True to me when you find out I'm the one for you


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  • 1 year ago

    by - Mr. Darcy

    I believe in fairy tales too. After all, when we stop believing, stop having faith,, what is left?

    A true heart will always find its way back home - for what is a heart without its true love...

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