Comments : Aesthetic Of A Dandelion

  • 3 years ago

    by Jamie

    I have always loved your writing and this is no different. Absolutely stunning imagery and word play. I would have nominated if it was not already. Well done.

  • 3 years ago

    by Merope

    There is a Japanese light-novel with a similar title "Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero" which I think may have played a role in the creation of this poem, the plight of a hero. You draw the parallel and then ground yourself with a simple question 'do you still remember me'. You dressed it up beautifully with your careful hand-selected words and similes. Dandelions are an invasive plant, considered as a weed, their life-cycle is rather tragic, the blossomed yellow petals curls up surrendering to "death" and its remnants are scattered like star-dust. It is a metaphor for life - the common conception of a dandelion (the yellow flower) is meant to be in a state of transition. Are you meant to be a transitory concept for whomever the 'you' in this poem is? All said, exhilarating write. x)

    • 3 years ago

      by Mahal Ko Kuya Ko

      Hello! Welcome to the site! And thanks for the comment! Really, there's a light novel like that? I actually drew some inspiration from a Naruto episode titled 'Aesthetic of a Hero'. Haha. The title are kinda the same, though. I love your interpretation of Dandelion.

  • 3 years ago

    by Michael

    A wonderfully written piece.

    Michael :)