by A.J.P.   Jun 9, 2018

I've kept you out of my mind.

For a good deal of time.

Yet it all rewinds.

I find myself back in your bind.

Our useless memories.

Waste my cells.

As if it's a unbreakable spell.

Truth be told I loved what we had.

But I never would've wanted it.

If I knew it wouldn't last.

Well maybe someday we can sit back and laugh.

Oh no wait..

f___ that.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Phoenix ¥

    I like the simplicity of this poem. You explain well that feeling of never wanting to have experienced such a love if we knew what pain it would later cause. The bitterness of the last line was an ending which jolted but totally relatable.
    Take care x

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