My wife

by DamonRay   Jan 17, 2019

Saying I love you please know these words I speak are true.
For tens years being gone all I ever wanted was you.
Through struggles back then a phone call or text you changed my moods.
Plans made yet a mistake I let ruin everything.
Spent time in a cage more worried about if I was truly going to lose you.
Honestly years have come and gone, We’ve spent years barely seeing or even communicating yet by gods great hands somehow we always pick right back up where we been.
Finally I came home, rough start but as soon as I said “hi I’m home” you made sure your man was yours alone and had me come straight over.
So much we have been through a decade plus some.
To be completely honest before you I never knew what true love was.
That type of love you search forever for.
The kind that I can admit I’ve truly never felt before.
A personality I would be lost without, a beauty that’s breathtaking, speechless and so so more.
Them eyes that I can glance at and see a future of us growing old.
Things may get hard, and yes I’ve made so many mistakes it’s truly unbelievable.
Through it all you have remained.
Health issues, legal ties, thee emotionless depression I try to hide.
Hand and hand like others say “i have my ride or die.”
Yet all I know is I have thee absolute love of my life.
My babygirl my world my love my wife.
You say always I say forever, cause without always forever just couldn’t exist.
Without you Sara I wouldn’t be the man I am.
I know right now I hold back and steady stay stressing.
I know I’m hard to deal with but please don’t give up on me.
I promise I’ll fix the things I can and we completely fix the rest together hand and hand.
I truly do love you Sara Rusher more then these words in this poem could ever express.
My heart is yours and yours alone the reason it beats is because my beautiful wife helps me carry on.

Te amo nena por siempre Te prometo que no importa lo que siempre seremos tú y yo, no importa lo que no pueda ni desear nunca verme sin mi esposa.


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