Candlelight Dining

by Walter   Mar 16, 2019

Tonight is when
We'll be alone
Just you and me
On our own

Sometimes I need
To slow down life
And enjoy an evening
With my wife

The lights are low
And the stereo on
The ambience set
With romantic songs

As I prepare
An Italian cuisine
Your favourite dishes
To set the scene

The food on simmer
As I hear you arrive
Your timing is perfect
To pull in the drive

I open the door
As you search for the key
Then suddenly your eyes
Are all over me

You see me dressed suave
In a shirt with a tie
The expression you give
Is wondering why

I escort you in
To our en suite
And whisper be quick
As soon we will eat

I leave you standing
I'm sure with some doubt
That you must be thinking
Tonight we'll eat out

In your time taken
To shower and get dressed
I've served up our dinner
I hope will impress

Both our expressions
When eyes again meet
Like now we're being spoiled
With what lies at our feet

Yours with us dining
Under candle light
And mine with how gorgeous
You are glowing tonight

The smile on your face
Which catches my eyes
I love your reaction
To total surprise

As I hold out your chair
I'll then pour you a wine
And look forward to an evening
With you while we dine


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