Comments : 7.26.2014

  • 8 months ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    Good heavens. These are the kinds of poems that hit the soul so deeply! I love writing or reading when you can tell a poet is letting everything out, letting each thought out without restraining it.

    I admire your honesty in that desire to make a difference in the world yet the doubts that creep in, feeling like we have to compensenate for where we've been or who we used to be (or still are).

    I felt the heaviness of spending those days almost scared and anxious to face the world, I related to that especially regarding what direction we will head in. I still don't know. And I feel like I should be more decisive about my future at almost 24. I also heard that part about self-abuse loud and clear as it really takes recovery from and continuing to learn how to love ourselves.

    The idea of signing a truce with yourself was so pure and I love the almost gasping emotions here that go back and forth. Because, seomtimes there's no middle ground and it's both negatives and positives speaking over each other. Kind of that "doomed" thinking that humanity is too flawed, too relunctant to change.

    Love the call to unity and intimate recogniztion of where we come from, what we've risen from, that we are all connected no matter who or what we believe in. This was emotional, and unapologetic and open in the ways that I feel we sometimes don't allow ourselves.

    Nominated. Keep writing!