Comments : comfort blanket

  • 1 year ago

    by Milly Hayward

    To take the view point of the comfort blanket itself is such a unique and clever idea. I felt this tale carried with it so much more than the surface story and feelings of the comfort blanket. It was also a reminder that often the people who care for us or others at different times in our lives can often with age be left along the wayside forgotten no longer needed and in losing that feeling of usefulness can make them feel redundant, alone and unwanted.

    So often we hear about the person in a street living alone who has no one left to love or to care for. Sadly they still have so much love and talent to give the world but are left feeling useless.

    I see this poem as a positive reminder to think about people who live alone and to reach out for them and give them the purpose and love that they once gave either to yourself or others because we are never too old for a comfort blanket. Milly x

    • 1 year ago

      by the color green

      bingo! you were pretty close to the meaning of the actual poem. while it is about a blanket who got left in an attic, it was also meant to bring to mind old parents, whose children grew up and left them long ago to make their fortune. while i've never been a parent or left my own yet, i do think about this a lot. :x