Comments : I Don’t Wanna Make You Sad

  • 1 month ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    This poem put me at ease, somehow. There's a openness in which you let the words flow out, and I love the calm aura of wishing to be this person's source or place for peace of mind, for relief. The "I can get you right" made me think of the way we can balance out other people, we can read their true feelings and listen. Thinking of this and the impact of the title, there's that yearning and push for this companion to still be patient. To wait for you. Because it's not always a simple solution to quiet the thoughts or work through the depression. One of the hardest things can be seeing how another person cares so deeply yet is not able to be a "quick fix", and you don't want them to lose parts of their own life worrying. Also made me think of, mentally, when we can't be at our best, at 100% and we try to hide and mask it for the sake of others. Family, friends, lying to ourselves. But others notice and are affected and that can add to a cycle of guilt for not being able to magically rid ourselves of the heaviness. When it consumes us, it can be hard to do the simplest things. The line about your burden hit me hard because we can look at it and think, compared to others, this is so small.... then feel foolish for not being able to work through it. Yet we're only human. Our burdens are just as valid, we shouldn't have to justify them or downplay how much they can affect us.

    You are not alone, glad to see you back posting after a few months <3

    • 1 month ago

      by (Linda) Leavers

      I always love what you have to say. You are such a deep, empathetic person with a beautifully analytical mind. I’m blessed by you always.