Love At Midnight

by Walter   Sep 29, 2019

You never know who love will bite
It comes along when timed just right
A boy and girl just passing along
Their eyes meet like they belong

And soon a smile as they both slow
Instinctively already know
Something's here that they can't pass
Like looking through crystal glass

He stops to say hi by her side
She does the same and replies
Then straight away they start to talk
In a new direction where they walk

Hours passing since they met
And both now sharing the sunset
She's taken back and begins to blush
Not wanting at all this night to rush

He sees right through her feeling proud
Reading all of her thoughts out loud
Then turns to her while standing near
And says just what she wants to hear

She happily accepts and agrees to dine
To a banquet of food and the finest wine
They talk they laugh under the moon
Where now their hearts begin to swoon

Just as the clocks chime to midnight
With both their heads now feeling light
She turns to him stands face to face
And whispers an invite to her place

Of course he agrees and follows her there
Was also wishing that they would pair
She's tipsy on love and alcohol
Hand in hand as they both stroll

And leads him through the street light red
Ignoring all that lies ahead
She turns to him so their eyes meet
Then sees the car race down the street

Pulling him away but he's too strong
He doesn't even know that something's wrong
And just like that his body drops
The speeding car doesn't even stop

She screams so loud everyone turns
Holds him tight as her heart yearns
And pleas to him to stay here
While holding him but not her tears

His eyes open to look at her
And has the same thoughts reoccur
Now feeling overwhelmed with love
But then seeing the light above

Using all his remaining strength
To say these words at any length...
"Please my dear don't you cry
As we were only passing by

But these short hours that we shared
I'm so glad at least they were spared
I cannot stay and you need to know
There is now a place I have to go

I'm so sorry heaven calls above
But thank you for letting me fall in love
I promise you it's better to have loved and lost
Even when my life is the cost"

She pulls him closer as she cries "NO!"
Tries to hold on but sees him go
A love this strong she'll never forget
Even with a man who she barely met


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