The Note

by Walter   Dec 1, 2019

I sit alone and with this note
Of all the words my heart just wrote
When once my words were to describe
My love for you I would inscribe

Although now you are no longer near
And my voice you'll never hear
The only chance this will be heard
If you would only read these words

I find it so hard to believe
That you could just up and leave
The reason you walked out the door
Because you no longer can give more

I truly thought that we were strong
So obvious that I was wrong
You never once gave any clue
That warned me I was losing you

Was I ever inside your heart
Or were we doomed to be apart
And was our love ever real
Or did you just pretend to feel

You had me fooled I thought I knew
I guess I never shared your view
So easily you could disguise
And turn our love into a lie

But no I will not pretend
The message that you try to send
I want to prove that you are wrong
And show you that we still belong

Do you remember our first night out
We laughed and cried and fooled about
The posh restaurant that was so fine
We ended up drinking too much wine

Do you recall that moonlit night
Where only stars were in our sight
Barefoot we walked across the sand
So close I held you in my hand

Can you revive the love we made
Our closeness as our bodies swayed
The words you whispered in my ear
As we held each other near

If your answer is truly no
I guess that's why you let go
To me love means so much more
Than just a body to adore


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