Right Place Wrong Time

by Walter   Dec 8, 2019

A boy and a girl both met one day
They liked each other and decided to stay
At the end of the night they didn't want to end
So they both decided to become friends

Now this was great as they each got along
Their friendship bond was becoming strong
Happy to share times and their lives no doubt
Where neither wanted to go back without

So they always went out as a double
Wasn't long before they both saw trouble
As what each wanted they didn't share
And suddenly it became to look unfair

The boy falling in love he wanted more
Although the girl still was a bit unsure
From a failed relationship that was a mess
To jump in with another only added stress

Please she said to him can you give me time
I really do feel I want to make you mine
But my heart still hurts from someone before
And I'm afraid right now I can't give any more

The boy felt rejected and ran away
While the girl was begging for him to stay
But he didn't come back to what was shared
And both now feeling like neither cared

Now this really sad if the truth be known
Their love for each other would have only grown
Sometimes love will hide behind a mask
And it needs the right moment before you ask


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