Safety issue?

by Beautiful Tragedy   Dec 9, 2019

“Once a hitter always a hitter.”
The words bounce around my brain as I look at the handprint on my wrist.
It aches-
And so does my heart.
You really don’t realize your own strength when you get angry and;
Even though you didn’t mean to do it that’s what makes it ten times scarier.
Your mom had said that line to me after you’d accidentally hurt diesel when I was drunk and I lashed out at you because of your tendency to treat my dog like crap...
But she really doesn’t know that those three little slaps
is nothing compared to what you could do if I made you mad enough.
Fighting back tears as I continue rubbing the sore spot on my arm;
I start to wonder if being with you is a safety issue for not just me-
But my daughter too.


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