Comments : butcher

  • 7 months ago

    by Poet on the Piano


    I wanted to say I think more people should read your work, and I feel you have some hidden gems that truly tell a story. I know you don't post much on here, but thank you for what you do share.

    I'm blown away by this. Parts of it are gruesome, make me squeamish and make me feel utter despair. I cannot put into words all that is conveyed here, but your voice and depth in this poem is stellar. Reading it through the first time, I could only see this man, this father, a metaphor for cruelty. Then, I sensed the hopelessness, as he had to grow up and grow through an abusive childhood, does that shape or define him? Just as the pigs and animals are slaughtered, is there no stopping the aftermath, the effects of what will shape us? Are we doing whatever it takes to survive, preparing and chasing after our desires even though it may be a vulgar, crude process... or are we just unrealized monsters? The image of him being on the receiving end of an act of violence, of robbing others and holding them at gunpoint, did he do that out of desperation, did he seek that destruction or did he abandon all morals. So many questions on this.

    I really thought about nature vs nurtue here. Your narrative of growing up then taking after his routines so to speak, that is powerful, as you try to understand your own identity and character.

    Can't wait to read more from you.