The Colors Of The Rainbow Poem

by Abstract Poet   Jan 14, 2020

In the distance thunder clouds
collecting its strength rolling across
the sky striking with thunderbolts.

of flashes of lightning dancing
across the sky suddenly the rain
falls from the sky soaring.

everything in its pathway leaving
something behind like a pastel
rainbow showing its brightest.

colors in a rainbow-like combining
colors together and arch across the
sky showing a beautiful rainbow-like:

Pink is on St.Valentine's Day! a symbol
of love for a simple card it said: will you
be my Valentine, my dear? I say I love you.

because I gave you this card to open on
St. Valentine's Day! to be a surprise what
I got to say to you, my dear because.

Yellow is like; Brightness of warming of
the sun to my heart giving you my
brightest and warmest of my heart.

Hoping you would take care of my heart
keep it in food shape for me my dear

Green is like; underneath the trees holding
you in my arms telling you I love you so
much showing you that grass, leaves and.

Flowers stems are green like nature showing
its beauty like this rainbow is showing its
pastel colors many other things because.

Blue is like; my tears of sadness when I cry
into the sky changing the sky making it
bluer for you because.

Purple is like; A flower has a bloomed in
springtime I pick this purple violet is
my favorite flower it only grows.

in the state of Illinois, I give this small
little flower to you because this is my
love to you, my dear like a beautiful.

Rainbow crossing the sky showing its
brightest colors to you.

Copyrighted by Abstract Poet


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