Comments : Broken not.

  • 7 months ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    Lots of life wisdom in this!

    I love the flow and ease of each stanza, but sometimes the rhyming threw me off. I actually can't make up my mind if it worked or not for the poem. I guess I expected a consistent rhyme, then in the second stanza, "walk" and "fork" took me out of the poem a little. Unless you weren't trying to rhyme each line and have it just be more on and off.... only my opinion though.

    You go through a lot of "movements" of life in this, and they play through with a certain elegance and maturity. The darkness we try to conquer, patching ourselves up, choosing our path again and again, dealing with the constant fears and insecurities, hitting a low point and rising because of it.

    Thoughtful piece, can't wait to hear more of your voice on here, Linda. Welcome to PnQ!