For You I Am

by Walter   May 23, 2020

I am a car
On wheels I race by
I am a plane
With wings I can fly

I am a boat
On the water I'll sail
I am a tank
And just cannot fail

I am a train
And glide on my tracks
I am a rocket
There's nothing I lack

I am a balloon
With heat I will rise
I am a stealth fighter
And full of surprise

Whenever I see you
These reactions I feel
Until you walk past
Then I know they're not real

I am just human
And I have a heart
I can build all these things
But on my own fall apart

Though I can't explain
Like a wild burning fire
Each time I see you
I'm whatever you desire

You just have that way
With emotions you bring
Because I know for you
I would do anything


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