Either one works

by Beautiful Tragedy   Jul 11, 2020

Is it shock, disappointment, anger, or all three?
I decide it’s all three as tears sting my eyes and I hide my disappointment as I read the message again.
We’ve gotten really close over the last few months and now you’re leaving state again;
How surprising.
You won’t move in with dad and I because you have to take care of your sister but-
you’ll leave state for a month to go to a wedding...
Which will most likely result in you not coming back.
I’ve been down this road before;
Begging you to come to PA,
Being severely disappointed several times and then you come back and as soon as I let myself get close to you you’re leaving.
I need my mom.
I’ve always needed my mom.
But you have a bad habit of leaving me when I need you;
So once again I’ll swallow my pride and keep my mouth shut on the matter.
Or I’ll sob when dad drops you off at the train station.
Either one works.


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