Your Four Seasons

by Walter   Aug 1, 2020

I have been with you for many years
And have grown to know you so well
Even without you saying a word
There's so much that you can tell

Although you can't simply be described
At only one time of the year
Because just like our four seasons
Many sides of you appear

In spring your flowers start to bloom
And all of your colours glow
Your skin, your hair, your eyes, your lips
As beautiful as a rainbow

In summer all your warmth is felt
And paints a picture I can't forget
So softly in the evening you'll shine
Just as a gorgeous sunset

In autumn all your leaves would fall
And you're left naked from up above
As destined they are to settle beneath
As I am to fall in love

In winter your fragile snowflakes will land
And at first contrast on the ground
But so slowly as I see more of you
Your beauty is naturally found

And this is why I've fallen in love
Clearly for all the above reasons
With your allure you have many sides
Just like all of our four seasons


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