German Poem Reciting Competitions

by Aiko (Dreamsurfer)   Aug 1, 2020

Since the 80s,
I love everything about Germany,
So when I got the opportunity to learn the language in 1997,
I drowned myself in it.
Enthusiastically, I mastered the four line intro,
Taught to beginners,
Which made me famous.
During the first Inter-school German Poem Reciting Competition,
Our school's two German teachers,
Judged me second best to only my good buddy Mutuugu in my level.
We competed at Nabisunsa Girls School,
East of the Capital City.
As the backup for Mutuugu,
Who got a gift for his presentation,
I entertained the audience with a joke question during the break.
In the 2nd year,
Mutuugu had Flu,
So I thought I had a chance to represent my college.
But the teachers told me to teach Mutuugu my gestures.
Funds were not enough,
To take two reciters from each of the six classes.
It was so demoralising,
That I never took part in German poem contests again.
In the 4th year's final national exams,
I worked out my Distinction 1 in German,
To ease the memory of contest misses.


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