Comments : Freedom is in the eyes of the locked up ones

  • 3 years ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    Lump in my throat reading this. Your imagery and emotion is so real and raw, how could it not affect and move the reader?

    I don't know about prison systems in other countries and places, but I read recently that suicide is four times more likely with prisoners compared to the general population. Immediately, this made me think of prisons for profit. Profiting off of pain instead of focusing on rehabilitation. And the way we stereotype and stigmatize "criminals"? When they are human just like us. I've also been re-watching "Orange is the New Black" lately, and can't help but think of the lack in difference that some of us may have done questionable things, just never been caught. How those in prison are seen as less deserving of proper medical care, mental health treatment, basic human rights.... not to mention the wrongful accusations, or those who are making amends and doing their time, yet are not given mercy. There's a clear and important difference to me between someone who is not sorrowful and those who maybe had a bad stroke of luck, or were targeted by the system, or just got caught, and are making the most of it despite everyone trying to bring them down.

    The hardest part to read is the last lines, finding freedom in leaving life. In perhaps oblivion. Pain and identity being erased.

    Ahhh Noura, my heart right now...