by McGeek   Aug 9, 2020

Out of every scam, robbery and con you've ever executed, out of every lie to ever roll off your sweet tongue -however sick and elegant it may be- I thought maybe just maybe I could be, would be, the favorite, most frequently told lie you've ever told in dishonesty..I hoped I was that special bottle of whiskey safely tucked away in the deepest parlor of your mind, waiting to satisfy the only lips ever to make me believe your favorite lie ..the lonely doll, proudly collecting dust on your trophy shelf, a collectors item never to be played with by the other kids, quietly watching all the hand me downs having all of the fun with you..I used to..I always hoped you kept me all for yourself, the real treasure, your favorite lie..

But I'm on borrowed faith, nothing left to sell, no time left to make me your favorite lie to tell.


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