The Hunter

by Prossnip42   Aug 16, 2020

There's a shape in the shadows, there's a chill in the air
But he won't let you get rattled, you won't know that he's there
There's no way to do battle, when you're caught unaware
One blink and he'll be gone and you'll be dead in you chair

Or was he even there, can you even prepare?
For a reckoning, a second into catching the glare
Of the barrel when the bullet's already in the air
Or the chemicals already have your vision impaired

As you try to place the face of that sommelier
When you're gonna win the race but find the breaks aren't there
On a knife's edge, placed between the fumes and the flare
The last breath, with a glove in your hair

The sound of his footsteps abound
And not a shred of evidence will ever be found
Take a nice little swim when no one's around
Ain't it tragic how a man can accidentally drown?


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