Forever In Love With You I Love You

by DavidPCarroll   Sep 7, 2020

A beautiful Angel from above
And her smile is so bright
Her eyes are full of love
She fits perfectly in my arms
My arms were made to hold her
And I was made to love you
She's truly beautiful an Angel from above
Her warm kisses are from heaven
And she's safe in my arms
And sheltered inside my heart
Smiling with me every day
Every day spent with her
Is the best part of my life
Because I love you my beautiful wife
And sweetheart,
Me without me in my life is like
The sky without stars
Your face without your beautiful smile
Or a rainbow without colors
And sweetheart may our days be filled
With forever happiness and joy
Because every day is a dream come true
Because sweetheart I'm
Forever in love with you..

© 2020 David P Carroll Poems..


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