Love Ballad

by Sneha Khastagir   Oct 17, 2020

And by 6:30 in the evening,
Holding my cup of tea,
Gazing at the stars I wonder.
Wonder that you too might be doing the same
looking up at the moon,
That same moon, those same sparkling stars,
and that light breeze bringing in the aroma of love
Do you think of me while you look for the moon?
Two states, two cultures, but that same feeling of love.
I wonder that how could ever the phrase "Apart but together" be so beautiful.
While gazing at the stars, we have got that same feeling,
The wish of a shooting star fulfilling our dream of being together.
While that lovely breeze caresses my hair,
All the lively words evolve round my head
You said," Oh beloved open up your soul,
Maybe tomorrow your beloved won't be here to listen to you"
Smiling to myself, I enchanted the ballad,
"Ye shyam fir na ayegi, kuch na kaha toh, kuch na suna toh, yuhi dhal jayegi"
I smiled,looking up at the moon, and then buzz came a notification
it was you, your lovely short messages discussing IPL.
And I just lose myself in you, your smile.
Closing my eyes, I wonder,
Wonder what you are to me,
I wish , wish I could explain it to you,
I lack words to praise you
and so a lullaby my heart sings
"Hum tumhe kaise bataye tum mei kya kya baat hai
Tumse dil mei shayari hai
ishq ki saugat hai"


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