by David Charles Ogbeche   Oct 17, 2020

Where is the strong winds of summer,
How swift it came, with true fondness,
So we crank and dance a capella song,
All the dry time of a year, folly hotness,

Where is the lingering droplets of rain,
There it goes, remaining long in clouds,
Singing a dripping melody, a dream train,
Then a drop hung low, steadily it drops,

Where goes the golden sand we hipped,
I find across and beneath the sea, closely,
There's only the lullaby whispers, hyped,
The mutterings, the laughter, so quietly,

Oh, my cradles, the memories I cherished,
Those days and nights I felt never passed,
When two lovers and the wind gentlely run,
Roses fall on the alleys and beautify fast.

© David Charles Ogbeche


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