Fires in the Stars

by Vera Campbell   Nov 15, 2020

There are fires in the stars!
For the dragons caused them to be,
Now see the light before them,
Coating their ash covered scales,
Blacker than space itself,
Stronger than the cores combined,
Lighter than the feathers of phoenixes themselves,
Look above the magic itself,
A beauty never before experienced,
The sparks to the darkness,
Come with us to take on the fight, the right,
To take on the planets and stars,
And continue our kind as one of all.


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  • 3 months ago

    by Keira Pickard

    I love the imagery and the story in this. Starting the poem with an exclamation at the end of the first sentence always brings something to a poem for me, an excitement or energy.
    It really makes you think of camping out in the night with no tent. Just the stars, the sky and yourself. And the stars are always so intriguing to look at!
    Excellent poem :)

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