Once More

by Twolz   Dec 19, 2020

Here you are once more
Standing here by me on love’s rocky shore
If you put your hand in mine
You will once again see yourself shine

You’re the most enchanting woman I’ve ever known
There’s always a place in my heart you can call home
I would wait a thousand years to wipe away your tears
If it eventually meant you would come to me with your fears

Time is such a cruel thing to bare
I’m so happy I have a chance at life with you to share
I’ll be whatever you need me to be
For it is only you I ever wish to see

I’ll help make all your dreams come true
I’ll make sure we see this through
When I look into your eyes I have no doubt
What life is supposed to truly be about

I’ll make you laugh when you cry
I’ll always ask what’s wrong when you sigh
Anywhere you are is where I want to be
You’ve set my soul free

I need to know everything about you
The universe saw us together before we knew
I’ve waited what’s seemed like a lifetime to hold you
I would’ve waited 1,000 more if it meant I’d get to show you

Show you how truly special you are
Something I’ve known all these years from afar
You make me feeling things I thought only existed in my dreams
When I’m with you everything inside of me gleams

If I had to dream up the perfect woman she wouldn’t come close you
Everything I’ve ever told you is so true
Ashley I swear I won’t waste this chance
It’s you with whom I want a first and last dance.
Our souls have always been intertwined
It is in my heart where you are forever enshrined.


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