A Passing Thought

by Walter   Feb 27, 2021

One thing I've learnt
That I'll share
When falling in love
You can't prepare

Sometimes it hides
In disguise
And can't be seen
With your eyes

But once you're touched
And you will know
With all the feelings
Which start to show

Love might be found
When walking past
Two total strangers
Who make it last

And time will slow
Enough to pause
The scene is set
When love's the cause

You can't escape
Or avoid this pact
What's meant to be
When hearts react

But even love
Can do so much
With all these feelings
That will touch

It's still up to us
In the end
When the scene is set
That we attend

Because sometimes love
Will slip through
For it to work
Needs me and you

You might then miss
When love's not caught
And the life you'd share
A passing thought...


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