Follow My Heart

by Walter   Mar 3, 2021

I've now prepared with time I spent
An invitation that will be sent
There have only ever been a few
With this one which belongs to you

I don't rely upon the mail
All the risks it might entail
As your address is hard to find
For someone who is walking blind

My journey starts with your eyes
Already I am mesmerized
But I am strong and won't slow
Forgetting where I have to go

My eyes have moved towards your chin
The first steps which now begin
Past your lips so soft and pure
And so tempting to your allure

I refocus now on my map
Not to be tempted by this trap
I carry on, the paths in sight
Though only one will be right

Your shoulder now my eyes upon
Again I slow though I stay strong
I think back to what I wrote
And stay determined to send my note

My eyes now travel down your arm
No longer thoughts will ring alarms
And finally arriving at your hand
My journey ending as I planned

Here now I will reach for you
Take your hand and hold like glue
And lead you back to the start
Where my journey began in my heart

And ever since you did accept
My love for you I've always kept
Another invite I'll never give
As forever here's where you'll live


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Latest Comments

  • 1 month ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Another lovely write, Walter. Well done.

    • 1 month ago

      by Walter

      Thanks so much for your comment Ben :)