Comments : Kingdom

  • 7 months ago

    by nourayasmine

    You have no idea how thrilled I got when I saw you posted a new poem.
    This is true and natural. I personally relate to this, and I assume everybody does. No relationship is perfect, and sometimes things get so exhausting that you just want to “unplug” a little bit. And even though it might feel like it’s falling down, with the right person it never actually does.
    That’s how I read it.

    • 7 months ago

      by silvershoes

      I love your interpretation, Noura. You explained the intended meaning very well.

  • 6 months ago

    by Em

    Hi Jane.
    I like the title, in all its simplicity it can be taken many ways really.. Is it your kingdom, someone else's or even the British Kingdom that's been broken apart recently (as I'm sure you'd have heard about it and I may be wrong as I have a terrible memory but I know it's you or Hellon who has Irish routes - so apologies if I'm wrong) sorry I digress.

    Years building our castle
    Yet the walls of our kingdom fall
    And they fall and they fall
    This really hits home to me and is completely relatable. You can build and build things but sometimes things, unfortunately, cannot be fixed as thet crumble though I hope this isn't true.

    We’ve built something that feels strong
    But it’s so delicate
    It could be my fault
    With relationships strength comes from many things and I've noticed that some of those are trust and loyalty because if you don't have those in any relationship (bf/gf, father/daughter etc) then you have nothing. It intrigues me why this is delicate when things are so strong but I guess things happen lack of trust, paranoia etc and they can break a relationship and make them weakened but blaming yourself isn't right as I see it a relationship is a two player piece - it's team work and both parties need to work on it. This did make me think a lot about all my life relationships at present.

    The crown feels heavy sometimes
    so I lay it down
    I lay it down never knowing if I’ll pick it up again
    I just have no words for this. It's a very hard hitting ending.
    Take care,
    Em x