Warming Signs

by Walter   Mar 29, 2021

Once man and nature, would co-exist
Working well with each other, each would assist
Nature providing, mans basic needs
Like fresh water to drink and rich soil for seeds

Man was respectful and would always repay
Cherished the Earth and never betray
He knew the fine balance he needed to live
That one just can't take, but also must give

Then something went wrong, with this bad breed
He became selfish, and no longer would heed
Declaring he was, the top of the chain
The delicate balance, he'd no longer maintain

Earth became angry, and storms would erupt
Wanting to rid, of this species corrupt
Man and technology, soon found a way
Although his demise, he'd only delay

I wonder how long, before he would see
What other living things, seem to agree
If he keeps going, on his greedy course
Earth will destroy him and feel no remorse


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Latest Comments

  • 3 years ago

    by Keira Pickard

    Nearly missed this! Sorry:)
    ' warming signs '.
    ^ if I'm correct, that is an excellent pun on global warming- or you've mistyped ' warning ', lol
    Even if you have, I think ' warming signs' is just such an amazing title!
    The content of the poem was interesting and I love how you've weeved facts into story.
    The ryhming and wording I found was really smoothly executed. I especially enjoyed the second stanza. I love the word ' cherished' ,as it just seems to say everything, and in poems it sounds so soothing!
    I loved this one and it has another great message :)

    • 3 years ago

      by Walter

      Thanks Keira and no...it's not a typo, lol and I am really glad you picked the way I was hoping it to be read. (Although it did cross my mind when I wrote it down that everyone would probably assume I misspelt warning!) Thanks so much for your comment which was a pleasure to read :)