Comments : Burnt Flesh

  • 1 month ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    Had to nominate this. It's one of those poems that immediately made me uncomfortable, especially the way you address the pain. The apologies, the questions, the heaviness of feeling suffocated. I read it as a trauma in such a raw form, where you can't even begin to process it. Where everything is that rotting flesh and you say it's fine even though it feels like everything is ending. The poem made me feel the kind of lonely where, even though you have someone by your side, and you don't know who else would be there if not for them, it's wrong. The hurt is too deep. And the part about wondering if you love them, that it would make it easier, hit me the hardest. Because love shouldn't burn like that. Love shouldn't be the hot tears of sorrow.

    Really emotional and dark poem.