Comments : All That Glitters

  • 1 month ago

    by Keira Pickard

    This is truly wonderful! I was hypnotized from start to finish.
    When I read the title, it already had given me a pretty good idea as to what the poem was about. The first four lines were interesting, as you immediately wanted to know more about why and what they were snared by. Then, as you reached the end of them, you begin to realize that they were weak, so they became trapped. Sadly, this is often a very true aspect in every day life.
    Moving to the following four lines, I found myself agreeing. I think that so many people are broken by so much - whether it's love, life or death - that you should always be a little wary of what you choose to completely give your heart to. That way, if it goes wrong, you won't have too far to fall.
    Then, when I read the final two lines, I was moved by the power in them, and also a little sad. The author refers to themselves as ' one who knows ', indicating that they have been through trauma and have had to learn the lesson to be wary the hard way.
    I like how you haven't capitalized anything but the beginning of a stanza. I keep doing that recently, more out of habit than anything else! I think it makes the text look very delicate. I love the rich choice of words that you've used throughout this, and also the subtle rhymes every few lines, accompanied by the final cuplet. One thing though : does ' angels ' in the first line need an apostrophe, as it's possessively referring to their ' eyes ' ?
    Either way, this is a brilliant piece of work. Nominated

    • 1 month ago

      by cassie hughes

      Gosh. Thank you so much for your in depth review Keira. I really appreciate the time and thought you have put into it. I'm so glad you thought it good enough for nomination too.
      You were so right about the apostrophe too and I have added it in. :D

  • 1 day ago

    by A C

    Absolutely stunning.