A Deeper Love

by Walter   Jul 6, 2021

Sometimes love will see right through
Your glowing skin while I watch you
I'm not deterred as I see past
As your inner beauty is just as vast

Your heart is so warm and bold
It's here where you deeply hold
Emotions that might not be seen
Which hide beneath that glowing screen

So rare for you to find this trust
To see beyond the eyes that lust
Invite me in to touch your heart
And allow this loving beat to start

Your feelings that begin to show
Will fill with love and overflow
Where within these walls which loudly beat
In here is where our love will meet

A place which now I call home
No more will I ever roam
Emotions now I know are love
All start in here before above

This is when our hands first touch
When inner feelings feel so much
Because we first let love invest
We now let our skin do the rest


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