Comments : Reticent wonderings

  • 1 year ago

    by Milly Hayward

    Love can be so complicated at times and there is nothing so compelling as forbidden fruit. Doing the right thing can be difficult but the rewards of being true to your values always pays dividends in the end. A thought provoking piece. Milly x

  • 1 year ago

    by Rayven

    Ah the forbidden love poem is tough to live through when you yearn for someone you cannot grasp. I love the feelings of the poems throughout because it's all from your perspective. You let the reader see how you are feeling.

    The first stanza is a nice set up to give the reader info about the plot so to speak. You seem to be lost in thought about someone special and perhaps it is someone you see around often. There is a plot twist here already, you cannot let your love be known for this person, and as the reader I wonder why, so the answer SHOULD be in the next stanza for consistent story telling.

    And you did. It is forbidden. My personal guess would be for they are married. I love how you worded this stanza because you tell a lot about the narrator themselves. This person is kind hearted and wouldn't hurt anyone else despite how they are feeling. This stanza also tells me you know they person personally and have probably known them for a long time. I say this because you know they are unhappy, or perhaps you have observed them from afar for a long time.

    The last stanza wraps the thoughts about you and this person up well. You feel like you would take care of them better than anyone else has ever done so. You would give the world to see them happy.

    This was a really love!y story. I wouldn't change anything.