Happy Birthday

by Shah   Jul 14, 2021

With all the pain from heartbreak
And the gift she gave as heartache

I wished my birthday would be my funeral
Not just one dream, she ruined them all

A fair closure I wasn't going to get anyhow
From someone who decided to break her vow

The scars are witness of the inflicted pain
And all the torment which I had to sustain

I picked up all my pieces and went silent
And realized that on her I wasn't reliant

All praise to God who heals broken hearts
Gave me strenght when she broke me apart

From deep inside she is broken as well
And tries to hide it all behind her shell

Her ego was so big to break a loving heart
It blinded her and broke both of us apart

That birthday I won't forget my entire life
Probably will remember even in afterlife

I didn't ask for a gift neither had a demand
Just wanted her to never leave my hand

But she gave me a gift and I was surprised
Quite a special one after a while I realized

Now it's her birthday and I really don't know
What to give, coz I'm not a part of the show

But one thing is sure that I'm not like her
I'm a bit different and have another view

So if I'm not able to give her anything good
I wouldn't give anything bad even if I could

I would rather stay silent to take a break
And never give her a gift of a heartbreak

Now ties are cut and communication blocked
It's been a while ago when we last time talked

She wanted me out of her life so I went
Any kind of clash I was willing to prevent

I don't know if she'll be happy on this day
But what can I do, I haven't much to say

So if anyone is able to see her these days
Tell her this because I'm cut off nowadays

The guy who's heart you broke that day
Is alive and wishing you a happy birthday


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