Oh Jezebel !!!

by Shah   May 11, 2021

You had your time but now it's up
It is now time for the great cleanup

Enough you have messed around
Now you will be taken to the ground

You are the cursed daughter of the devil
Everything you say or do is always evil

Like a black hole you suck energy away
Suck blood then lead your victims astray

Controlling their minds is how you work
All the cursed demons are your network

Emotionless creepy creature you are
Whilst to some you appear like a star

Centuries have passed by and you still
Haunt good guys and even want to kill

Many hearts you broke without remorse
And scattered souls with your brutal force

Your darkness is darker than the night
And you steal energy from the moonlight

A cursed demon is your ultimate reality
Ancient books do mention your brutality

You suck the soul of your host and hunt
Staying hidden and not coming upfront

One after the other but you can't have enough
Just like a blood sucking monster gone rough

Lust is your bait and you force your host
To attract potential targets at any cost

Holy scriptures have warned centuries ago
But unfortunately not many do want to know

Those who ask God for help will be saved
Otherwise they will be chained and enslaved

Their lives completely destroyed beyond repair
Forced to live their remaining days in despair

Devils have vowed to bring in all they can
And destroy the life of every honourable man

Their cursed queen wears the throne of evil
A demonic entity who accepted the devil

Oh Jezebel !!! Listen carefully and be ready
The cutting sword of truth is very steady

It does not forgive demons of your type
It is hanging above you for the great swipe

With the power of God and in his great name
With one hit it has the power to end your nasty game

When his command will give the green light
It will bring and end to what was never right

Oh Jezebel !!! You can't escape neither hide
You will lose because God is not on your side


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