Truest of All

by Mia Khattab   Jul 21, 2021

The soul of her friends circle,
the one who connects them all,
and expands it further beyond
the leaning-on shoulder mode,
which they all relied on
when in trouble or boredom..

The anchor to their memories,
the gear meshing along with
each & everyone, terribly.
Just wishing to have lasting friendships
for what it showed its worth of...

For years, she learned
to burry her worries & screams,
to ignore all her doubts & fears,
to overstep her peaceful times
just to be there for them when they need
because to her,
they were more than friends
known through the years...
They were more of the
chosen extended family..

Days pass by, and she thought that
what goes around comes around
but it is not true on this ground.
When times went tough,
when moments became rough,
she finally had a drop,
and that was the mark of a new rise!

Just like a puzzle that broke down
into million pieces,
but all together they completed
the hidden image of her cases.
It is true that they gather to laugh,
but most of all, they are there
when they need something of their own.

And when time came & she needed a repay,
she found no reply back but
rather the silence in an empty hall...
Through an astonished look on her face
she realized that
she is the Truest of them All!
With no fake promises,
no objective presence,
she was just there
with no hidden agenda..

So Naive, some might say
but so true to believe
she knew she is the one to stay..
And if they shall vanish
at the moments of need
to support her re0flourish...
So, honey, let them banish!

She is one-of-a-kind
and every single day since then
she realized that, she is the
one & only unbreakable bond
pulling this all together.
She is the truest of a soul,
the finest of a taste,
and the best of this class
so along with them, she will never compete
because this is not the level of her game.


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