Comments : Inflamed

  • 11 months ago

    by Rayven

    It's always a pleasure to see new words or words I've never heard of be used in poetry and not only used well but to not have them disrupt the flow of the poem itself. Chocking is that word for me here.

    Fire is definitely the key word within the first half of the poem. I enjoyed the simplicity of fire being used here. Normally I see a lot of people use fire as a rebirth or a burning passion but you used it so differently. You used it as kind of a "killing thing". It symbolizes a person that was harmful to you. This person or the fire made your dreams burn and go up in smoke, leaving you chocking.

    I loved the second part as well because you did well to wrap the poem up and give us a conclusion. It took a twist and in this case it was a good one. You portray your emotions well here. I think you are saying that your heart was affected the most because you loved this person, but since this person showed their true colours, you spat out their name. It could be like you almost put a curse upon them, or you cursed their name before the fire consumed you for good.

    I wouldn't change anything!

    • 11 months ago

      by Rania

      Thank you Rayven for the energy you give <3