Comments : Dying Wish

  • 2 weeks ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    I liked how you spoke of the pain death brings, but also mentioned that decaying is not much better. Whether that's the waiting, or the reminiscence of what was, everything now duller and not as vibrant as youth. The rhymes in this provided an easy flow, and I think the most poignant lines were:

    "I saw the present
    Yet refused his dance

    Grasped at the future
    Till he's all that's left"

    - It's so easy to do this. To have this opportunity and time to live in the present, but it's almost like not being able to settle. Not able to be content with it, because we're wondering about the future. It also made me think of times when people say "relax, just live in the moment!" yet we're wondering about our existence, our purpose, the mark we'll leave, or if the pain may ease later... then, when it's later, we have to reconcile all of that.

    I also thought it was quite realistic saying how you barely noticed till the time was gone. It's such a strange feeling thinking we have this power and authority to do all we want to do, yet time is still in control, and we have to make peace with knowing we may not achieve everything we set out to, and that's neither good nor bad, just life.