Impressions Left Behind

by Walter   Sep 15, 2021

When I first saw her and both our eyes met
I was captured by the way they smile
A picture was painted, I could not forget
Outlining all her beautiful style
And the light that would glow as the sunset
Like the stars, all our thoughts would compile

In darkness we would walk, lit by the moon
Where our prints left behind us would pair
To our right was the ocean and our left were the dunes
And in front was our path we would share
With the waves that would crash and play us a tune
Within our eyes the universe would flare

Here time seems to freeze, though far in the past
With all the years we have walked side by side
The journey we've travelled, so far and so vast
And for each other we'd only confide
When love's meant to be, it will always last
Just as our first footprints implied


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