Everlasting Love In Life

by DavidPCarroll   Sep 17, 2021

My love for you is so powerful
And true just listen to my heart beating
Every day for you and I'm so in love with you
Every day in life and our heart's are so pure and Full of Everlasting love in life,

She's truly my beautiful wife
And I'm watching her smile so bright
And I'm so in love with you
I'm so in love with and
A love that comes from me to you,

And she's my beautiful wife
She's truly beautiful in life,

And I'll always be here for you
Through your struggles and tears
I'll hold you ever so tight,

Kissing you softly and falling
In love under the beautiful moonlight,

Watching the light up the sky tonight,

And it's a never ending love story
Between husband and wife slowly
Dancing under the magical moonlight
Kissing softly and full of
Happiness and delight,

And watching the snowdrops
Falling on us tonight and
Love is all around us and
The moon and stars shining so bright,

And you bring the sunshine to my rain
And you give me love when I felt pain,

And I love you so much
In life I love you more with
Each passing day in life

And she's my beautiful wife

And Everything
You say and do for me
I’m so much more
In love with you
And our love will never end
Because I'll be forever in
Love with you.

© 2021 David P Carroll.


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