Gluwein and gaols

by Hazel (Dancing Rivers) Phillips-Dube   Oct 25, 2021

Cinnamon swirls like Smokey tendrils
Spiralling ' round the cauldron.
Red as bleeding hearts, the wine
Bubbles and boils in song..

Pumpkins peak at you and me
As ghosts and gaols we dance
Round the Samhain fire we prance
Like fairies and frogs in summer heat

The logs they hiss their magic chants
The lights they twinkle and beam
For veils have fallen
Wine is a-pourin

This blessed Samhain eve'

Come witches and wizards
Spiders and lizards
The ghosts and ghaols await

The blood of the gluwein
So sweet and so pleasant
Runs inside our veins

If you perchance
Should see our dance
Come sip the mead of olde

For bright are the hearts
And gay are the minds
Of those whose stories this eve are told

For Samhain's the day
We dance and we play
Celebrating the way
Paved for us today

By elders and mothers
Sisters and brothers
Those who walked this earth
Years long gone they sang their songs

This eve we sing along.


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