Make believe

by Hazel (Dancing Rivers) Phillips-Dube   Oct 20, 2019

Born free

I was raised to believe
That I was born free
In a society
That cared for me
Cared for my dreams

Yet night I'm lying screaming
Nightmares when I'm dreaming
Trying to believe in
This fairytale freedom
But you see

My mental limitations
Caused by deprivations
Of loving and affections
From those I called parents
Have made me but a servant

A slave to this system of depravity
Before you turn away
Understand the gravity
Of this dreary reality
I've lost my sanity...

You'll probably
Just laugh at me
Chain me up mentally
Condition me with lunacy.

But are you really sane?
Every politician
Promises delusions
Creates these grand illusions
In reality,

Into our psyche

We ask for someone's blessing
To fight for our salvation
From religious limitations
And political instigations

Instead our freedom's rationed.

Yeah we are born free
In a world of insanity
Where freedom costs
Your eternity

Your passions must die
Your tongue taught lies
You have to despise
Anyone not in a guise

Oh yes we are free.
This is our reality
Created by our families
Who blame it all on politics
Yet who made the little ticks

On the ballot sheets
Of our broken dreams?
Who sent us to spiritual slavery
Praised our depravity
Till we're in graves
They won't see...

Hazel Phillips dube
Dancing Rivers


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  • 1 year ago

    by Tanya Southey

    I get this. South's a tough gig. Strongs.

    • Thanks Tanya. Its actually more about global society in general and being a millennial in a world that has no place for people like us, everyone constantly condemning us to I'll fates cause we don't fit ancient outdates paradigms. But yes I see how you see it as political and about south Africa too, I guess its about life in general in a world of liers we truth seekers need to be strong