Reflections of Love

by Walter   Nov 16, 2021

Once in life time, we will meet
Somebody who, makes us complete
We'll share our dreams; we'll share our hands
And walk across, the unknown lands

Never once had, we stood so tall
Where we would take and yet give more
A path is made, where our feet track
No more are we ever, looking back

But sometimes, the intersection T's
The new pathway, we can't agree
Where you'll turn left, and I'll turn right
And soon you'll be, beyond my sight

By the time realising, this is wrong
The distance covered, far too long
I'll turn around and retrace my steps
To last when in my, heart you're kept

To a barren place, which now appears
Step in my prints, which I left here
But your reflection, I do not see
Where once you stood, in front of me

They say that a mirror, never lies
But all I see is, sand and skies
Your reflection shrouded, by the crack
And caused by you, not coming back

Our foot steps once, would always pair
Although now my prints, no longer there
They symbolize us now, being apart
And the broken mirror, reflects my heart


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